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Scotscub57 yrs
hi guys, I'm a new member to this group, I'm like you I have a passion for birds and other wildlife, I'd be interested and chatting with of the fellow members on here and hopefully become friends as time goes on.
I'm a lucky person right now, as I have a pair of blue tits, ( one of my favourite small birds) who have notice I have a small gap on the outside of my bathroom window, it blew off sometime ago with some storm here, the blue tits have been coming and going into my bathroom vent now for the past few days and they seem to be happy with it, I've even seen them bringing in some nestling materials so hopefully I may have a new family soon , I've switched off my bathroom vent so I don't disturb them until after the family is long gone , I can't take any photos or films at this moment because of the awkard of the vent but I'll keep my eyes and ears opened here , I'm so excited about having them here.
Does anyone else have similar stories like this one to share?